Berlin and the Iron Curtain

On Day 16, we arrived in Berlin late afternoon. That gave us enough time to find museum island and grab a bite to eat downtown.

The next morning, we discovered the best bakery in the world. It had an array of tasty treats with very low prices (especially after just coming from London and Paris!) Here is a picture of our very nutritional breakfast:

We did a free tour of the city this day. Our tour began at Brandenburg Gate and took us to Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial (aka Memorial to the Murdered Jews), Babelplatz (site of the Nazi book burning), Checkpoint Charlie, and Neue Wache (memorial to the victims of war & tyranny).

This is me stepping from East Germany to West where the Berlin Wall used to stand.

Later that day, we stopped by the Berlin Wall Memorial. Here we heard stories from many different perspectives. These perspectives varied from Jews, border guards, radio hosts, to many in between. Some of the wall remained here, so we were able to see what people had to actually cross and climb. I never knew this before, but I learned that there was not just one wall, but two. These two walls were separated by an area known as the “death strip,” which was a very difficult area to cross without being shot.

We also stopped by the East Berlin Gallery. This consisted of paintings by international artists originally done a few months after the fall of the iron curtain. They have since been touched up by the artists and unfortunately graffitied. Below are a few that I found interesting.





It’s hard to imagine that the “iron curtain” fell only two months before I was born. How fortunate we are to live in a place with so much freedom.


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